11.05.07 "The website is finally here! Thanks for being patient with us and hope you enjoy! So go and paruse at your liking and be sure to stay in touch as we will do our best to as well...feel free to leave memories on the myspace...we love you all...God be with you."

10.01.07 To some this will be a bombshell, to others it is long overdue, but to me, its just time. For the last 8 years, I have poured all of my passion, my gifts, and my opportunities into this...at times, it has brought me excruciating heartbreak and disappointment, but more so, it has brought me joy. I have absolutely loved what I have been allowed to do, but after over 800 rock shows, its time for us to play our last. Slingshot57 has always existed with the vision to earn the right to be heard, speak truth and love into peoples' lives, and do something that matters. We have hoped to be transparent enough for you to see our imperfect faith, vulnerable enough for you to trust us, willing enough to find a starting point, and like any good friend would, encourage you one step further. We have been fortunate enough to travel this country sharing our hearts, meeting you, and truly seeing GOD move. We have always hoped to challenge complacency, to be useful, and have refused to be inconsequential.

This has been a point of prayer and discussion, and a decision in the making for the past several months now...we have needed this time to seek counsel from our immediate families, mentors, and closest of friends, and to process this decision ourselves. We also did not want this to be a distraction from the work and ministry at hand. So if you wish or feel that you had learned of this some other way, we hope that you know our intentions have merely been to assure certainty. We have hoped not to hurt anyone. It hasn't been easy, but we believe GOD is leading and the last thing we want is to get in the way. Our intentions have only been to be faithful, obedient, and to make God honoring decisions...and we believe that we have done that.

So as this season draws to an end, if you are willing or capable, please come out and see us. Our last show will be sometime before Thanksgiving...we would love to see you. Also, we promise our new website will be up shortly. The boards will be back, so we hope you find the time to share some slingshot57 memories and stories.

So what happens next? We really aren't sure. Each of us knows that wherever we go, music will go with us, as will what we have learned through this whole experience together. We love each other like family, and regardless of where we end up, we will always remain close. It has been my privilege and my honor to share in this ministry with these men. We pray that we have been as much of a blessing to you as you all have been to us. We cannot thank you enough for always loving us, supporting us, and most of all, praying for us. we love you all.

We pray you the best, and we bid you farewell...

Benjamin, Nash, Paul, Daniel & Tim